The SonusPro Studio TLW Team

Writer/Producer/Director/Audio Engineer

Daniel Samaan (Studio Owner)

As a student and lover of Audio Engineering, Daniel's vision is to think big, push boundaries, and find new and exciting ways to move the audience. And when he's not getting any reactions, he's contemplating his life and thinking why he couldn't just get a normal job that actually pays the bills. Here's to being poor! Cheers!


Andro Abdel-Maseh

The most handsome one on the team, Andro likes long walks on the beach, short walks on a tight rope, and medium-sized walks on the edge of the world. His passion for walking is only outweighed by his strong desire to avoid physical activity.

Music Composer

Ray Guirguess

A man of few words...

Assistant Producer/Actor

Fady Ghali

When Fady isn't cheering for the Raptors on television while topless, he can be found voicing the word of God in this ground breaking new production series.

Script Editor/Actress

Olivia Botros

Olivia is witty and hilarious, except when she needs to write something witty and hilarious, at which times she’s as charming as mustard. When she’s not lending her voice to our ancestral characters, she’s usually found singing a tune, usually when it’s least appropriate - like in her silent office.

Biblical Narrative Reviewer

Father Samuel Zaki

Trying to spend half of my time talking to God about people, and the other half talking to people about God...

The Narrator

Pierre Fanous

Pierre is an educator by day and a "Street Fighter" by night (still enjoys the legendary arcade game when he can). He also enjoys playing b-ball with his students and entertaining others with his signature "air" trumpet.

The Voice of God


Chooses to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.