Voice-Over & ADR Recording

High quality voice-over and ADR recordings for Commercials, TV, and Movies

Dialogue Cleaning & Editing

We know the importance of having clean dialogue for your productions. We offer you dialogue cleaning and editing to make sure that it sounds as natural as possible.

Foley Recording

We offer both electronic and live foley for your production.

Sound Designing & Editing

Visuals are only 50% of a production. The other 50% is sound. We breathe life into your projects through high quality audio design and editing.

Music Composition & Mixing

Do you need a customized music track created just for your production? We've got you covered.

Re-recording Mixing

A good sounding production starts with good recording and editing. But the final sound is finalized through a good balance of dialogue, sound design, and music. We bring all those elements together to bring you a great sounding production.

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